Is Gordon Labour’s own achilles heel?

In Politics on March 15, 2010 at 9:50 pm

Two achilles heels dominated the headlines today. The owner of one was told he could play for AC Milan again next season when he recovers, while Gordon Brown told the world at large that he’ll be skippering Labour after the election whether it emerges as the majority party or not in a potentially hung parliament.

In fairness to Grumpy Gordon, he couldn’t really dodge the question on  BBC radio about whether he’ll stay on, and you wouldn’t expect him to say: “Oh, noooo, if we don’t have a majority I’m outta here!”. However, he might do well to look over his shoulder if Dastardly Dave Cameron’s Tories get their nose in front after the election – he certainly be in no position to be telling anyone who’s boss.

This is Gordon’s own achilles heel (in turn he could be Labour’s) – he refuses to see what’s in front of him. The prospect of a hung parliament for him should be considered a massive stride forward given opinion polls towards the end of last year that had him down and out, but telling the faithful that he’ll be in charge even if they’re relegated just displays the usual lack of humility that so annoys people. This is a man who was so hell-bent on legitimacy for his 2007 leadership bid that he got 313 MPs to endorse his grubby handover deal with Tony Blair when Labour’s own internal rules said he needed only 45 to run against the noble but hopelessly outgunned John McDonnell.

Fullandfrankexchange can reveal that Labour volunteers are knocking on 100,000 doors a week and meeting the voters face to face. They are pulling out all the stops to keep their party in power, or at least get people to the ballot box with a bit of forethought about the choices before them.  Labour MPs may be faced with a choice of their own after the election, and Gordon better take heed of what they might want if he doesn’t want to be stretchered off in tears.


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