David Spameron starts voter-bothering via email

In 1 on April 8, 2010 at 2:42 pm

A faithful reader contacted us today to tell us about an assault on his mum – not a physical one, thankfully, but an unpleasant one nonetheless.

She got an unsolicited email from the Tories, from dastardly Dave himself. It’s actually asking her to help the Conservatives win the election. I know your poll lead is shrinking like the polar ice caps Dave, but day three is hardly the time to panic and start mum-bothering.

Our reader, no friend of the Conservatives, truth be told, said he was “appalled”, and, apparently, so was his mum.  If you get anything similar from any of the parties, let us know and we’ll post them on here.

Here’s Dave “Spameron’s” email – naughty, naughty, naughty…..and what’s with the dodgy black bag on the cabinet in the background mate? Got a few leaflets in there you’re gonna bother people’s mums with?

Subject: Helen (not her real name), let’s win it for Britain

Vote for Change
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Dear Helen,

This is it. After all the dithering, this unelected Prime Minister has been forced by the law of the land to call the election he has put off for so long.
There is a huge choice in this election – one that affects the life of every man, woman and child in this country. It’s a choice between five more years of Gordon Brown’s tired government making things worse. Or change with the Conservatives – who have the energy, leadership and values to get Britain moving again.
It’s a choice between a tax on jobs that kills the recovery, or dealing with our waste and debts so we can grow the economy. And it’s a choice between a big government that kills off responsibility, or a big society that breathes life into our communities.

WATCH: David Cameron rallies staff and supporters as Election 2010 is announced

We’ve got an intense few weeks ahead of us. But, as I’ve just told our fantastic team at Campaign Headquarters, one day we’ll all be able to look back on the time we were part of the movement that made 2010 the year of change.
Just take a second to think about it. In the next thirty days, we’ve got the chance to do what we haven’t done for over thirty years. We’ve got a once in a generation chance to form a fresh government that really can deliver the change we need.
Every leaflet you deliver, every pound you donate, every email you send, every friend you speak to – every extra little thing you do can make the decisive difference between winning and losing.
We can’t give Gordon Brown a second chance to ruin the country. So let’s get out there and win it for Britain.
David Cameron (signature)

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