Don’t annoy Iceland! Get ready for the ‘vog’ of war….

In Current affairs, Politics on April 15, 2010 at 6:18 am

Gee, those Icelanders are a prickly bunch. First they respond to the UK’s use of anti-terror laws during the financial crisis to freeze bank assets by refusing to pay the money back, then they resort to “environmental terrorism” by sending a cloud of volcanic ash this way! In Hawaii they have an active volcano and refer to the resultant eruption clouds as “vog”.

Still, it could be more interesting than the great mass debate tonight (yes, puerile joke, but we’re hardly going to be the only ones thinking it) which has the potential to cure insomnia nationally. Yes folks we could all be driven to bed by the phoney vog of war that will cloud our screens tonight.

Peter Mandelson said Gordon Brown is just going to have to be himself “for better or worse” in the first big showdown between the three leaders. You don’t have to be Einstein to know how Gordon being “himself” is going to play on national television. Those of us who have covered his speeches, or heard him speak off the cuff know he is going to struggle. Nick Clegg should be the most relaxed of the three, while a lot of us are wondering what colour David Cameron will be with all that slap on. We really hope he doesn’t resort to his Daily Mail-style manufactured hysteria and bang on about “Broken Britain” and how he’s going to hand out “people power” like a dirty old man with a bag of sweets. Power to do what exactly, Dave? Pay less for my petrol cos I don’t like the price?  Make the banks stump up for every penny they’ve cost the taxpayer? Allow public floggings of bankers and greedy MPs?

And imagine – there are going to be three of these bloody events. Are we really going to decide who runs the country on the basis of 270 minutes of primping and preening television programming?


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