Clegg in the crosshairs?

In Current affairs, Politics on April 16, 2010 at 4:36 pm

Poor Nick Clegg. He goes one-nil up in the big leaders debate, and now all his enemies are saying his party is under the microscope as a result. Utter bollocks, the ones who should be taking a good hard look at themselves today are Gordon Brown and David Cameron, once they’ve finished looking over their respective shoulders.

According to Tory shadow education secretary Michael Gove, the fresh-faced Clegg got away with a lot last night because he can be the “new kid on the block” and labelled LibDem policies as “eccentric”. A bit rich coming from a bloke with no chin, Michael. And now your glorious leader is crapping himself, saying his party is the only alternative to Labour – arrogance beyond belief. Who decides these things? Not Brown, not Cameron, not even shiny Nick Clegg.

You do.

That’s right. Not the slick, manufactured, false, deceitful clowns who have never held down a real, paid-crap-money-by the-hour-job in their lives. YOU. The voter. The person trying to make meagre ends meet.

The fact of the matter is this – people are sick of Gordon Brown (deceitful), but they don’t trust Dave Cameron (a nasty piece of work) either, so the time is ripe for a genuine alternative to the old two party two-step the electorate has to endure ever four or five years. Pity Clegg (different, but ambitious), one minute he’s the girl everyone wants to dance with, the next minute he’s a wallflower that the other boys say has a nasty rash.

There’ll be more smoke being blown than an Icelandic vog cloud in the next few days. Don’t get lost in the haze. The decision is ours – not the spin doctors’.


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