Seven words you thought you’d never hear…

In Current affairs, Politics on April 20, 2010 at 2:12 pm

Why shouldn’t Nick Clegg be prime minister?????

Fullandfrankexchange was having a chat with a friend last night. Our mate was mildly annoyed.

“Now I’ve said I’m voting LibDem everyone else is jumpring on the bandwagon!”

He was, of course, joking, but went on to give a fairly insightful analysis of the state of British politics in the wake of Clegg’s good performance in last week’s television debate with Gordon Brown and David Cameron.

“I think people are going to want to have their say,” he told us. “Everyone hates Brown and Cameron is just a cheaper version of Tony Blair. At least now there’s a decent third alternative and maybe it’s what people have been looking for.”

Our friend, also an excellent golf partner, is right on the money. Clegg has given the election campaign the spark it was sadly lacking, and the two main parties the bloody good fright they both needed.

Ok, so here it is…would it be that bad if the Liberal Democrats took power? Or at least ruled in a coalition? Vince Cable is a qualified economist and is streets ahead of Brown and Alistair Darling. “Boy” George Osborne isn’t fit to share his calculator. Parliament itself has been completely discredited after the expenses scandal, and MPs from the two main parties were up to their necks in  it. And that includes Dave “I’m going to clean up politics” Cameron.

Our mate is right. This time, people are going to have their say. Make sure you have yours. Pin up your electoral registration card where it will remind you for the next two-and-a-bit weeks, then go out and take care of business.


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