Looking for a heavy to run UK plc…and give us YOUR manifesto ideas

In Current affairs, Politics on April 22, 2010 at 6:05 pm

Our best mate has been on to us again today.

“Will a leader with gravitas please stand up?” Stephen (not his real name) asks, well, demands actually.

Fair point. Grumpy Gordon is looking as fresh as a set of tyres on a banger in a used car yard. Dave Cameron is playing with men in chicken suits while doing his impersonation of a parrot. “Vote for change, vote for change, vote for change.” Squawk. Ok, Ok , we get the message Polly, er, I mean Dave. You might get the change you weren’t banking on sunshine.

I vote for change every day. Fresh socks and clean underwear are always vote winners in my house. Mrs fullandfrankexchange also endorses this policy.

On May 6 we could wake up and find we are wearing one red sock and one yellow sock, or a blue one with a yellow one. All because Nick Clegg has now given us what we all needed – a choice. We’re not saying he’s the right choice, that’s for you to decide by getting out and casting your vote, but the humdrum nature of what could have been a dreadful campaign leading to a poor turnout has been dispatched.

Of course tonight he is going to be like the quarry pursued by a lot of Dave Cameron’s mates. The poor old fox chased by loads of chinless wonders across the countryside in the name of sport. Nick has stopped Dave’s bandwagon, and will come right under the big, hot spotlight in the second TV debate. It should make good viewing.

However, we made the point recently that a debate performance should not be the final arbiter of selection for prime minister. It’s policies that count. This led us to think: shouldn’t WE dictate a manifesto?

So here’s your chance – give us all your ideas. We’ll publish all of them and see what sort of Britain you want to have on May 7. Go on, no idea to big, small, insane…they’ll get a run. You know you want to.


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