The people’s manifesto – your first contributions UPDATE 2

In Current affairs, Politics on April 23, 2010 at 8:46 am

Well they came in thick and fast last night folks. Well, they came in anyway. The first contributions to our 2010 General Election manifesto.

“Steve” (not his real name) was off and running like a greyhound out of the traps. Here are his suggestions to kick us off:

“A higher rate of income tax (5-10 percent higher per band) until you’ve been resident in the UK for five years. You need to top up the pot before you start using the (public) services.”

“Key workers protected” (presumably to counter plans to sack thousands of civil servants ? The question is ours, not “Steve’s”)

“An increase in VAT to 20 percent”

“I’m binning the nuclear deterrent as well”.

John from Northhants offers:

All foreign nationals to get a bank holiday on their countries’ nation day – to make up for the lack of effort on St Georges day.

Caroline wants every MP to attend every vote in the House of Commons and have this made compulsory.

Our old friend Steve popped up from the bore draw at the Emirates yesterday to demand:

A 50 percent tax on chewing gum to pay for its removal from the streets.

We did ask if he’d stepped in some gum on his way to the game, but Steve said: “No, I just hate the stuff.” Wrigleys spearmint anyone?

So, there it is. A start. Plenty of room here for more. Keep ’em coming!

  1. Keep up the good work, Frank.

  2. More midday EPL kick-offs.

    Makes it easier to watch games in Australia.

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