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A quick public service announcement. If you’re booking a flight on easyjet.com be VERY careful. Your payment will go through and then the site will crash. Have just had it happen to me and a friend has also suffered the same fate. You won’t get a reference number, so you don’t actually know if you’ve got a seat. So-called “customer service” lines are also not working/not answering (at 10p a minute mind you), nor is any other telephone number. This is what you get. Don’t bother trying to click on any of the “help” links or try to chat with someone because there is no-one there.

Sorry, but something has gone wrong. [ej2 exception]

There are a number of reasons why this may have happened which we are working to resolve:

  1. You altered the currency you wish to pay by, please try booking again paying in the default currency.
  2. If you have reached this page after submitting your payment details we recommend you check my easyJet.com to confirm if the booking was successful before trying again.

View our FAQs.

More help

Use our live chat to talk with someone

Live chat by BoldChat

Alternatively you can view our FAQs.
When contacting easyJet please mention the code ej2-exception.

  1. Refresh your cookies dumbo – this solves the well known problem!


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