Rupert Murdoch won’t decide this election, YOU will…

In Current affairs, Politics on May 4, 2010 at 11:56 pm

Toy chucker...

Ok, we’ve nicked this from a very clever Independent newspaper campaign, but it makes an excellent point and also highlighted some of the realities around the campaign to anoint David Cameron as the next chosen one. We also fancy seeing if Rupert’s tantrum throwing youngest son James wants to try to storm our office.

We’ve been taken to task by Mrs fullandfrankexchange and a former work colleague for making you read the party manifestos – well actually they accused us of being lazy and lacking spark in our last post, but, like most politicians, we needed to deflect the truth.

With a full day to go some weird stuff is happening, three Labour ministers came out and told people to tactically vote Liberal Democrat to keep the Tories out of the marginals. What they should have been saying is:  “just go and vote”. Telling people who to vote for annoys them and just smacks of desperation. It’s also an admission that, to some, Labour smells like a bucket of prawns going off in the midday sun, but hold your nose anyway and vote yellow if you must.

Goodness know what is happening in Camp Cameron right now, but if James Murdoch is throwing his toys out of the pram because the nag he has conned his grumpy old dad into backing could stumble at the final hurdle after racing to a 10 furlong lead early in the race, then we suspect the Cameron household is going through its fair share of loo paper right about now.

James, go to your room....

The knock-on effect of  a Cameron blow-out won’t be just a serious blow for his career and for the Tories in general, but it could start a nice erosion at the base of one of the world’s great media dynasties. Let’s face it, two of Rupert’s kids have had cracks at running bits of the empire and it didn’t pan out for them. If wee Jimmy buggers this up, then the old man has effectively run out of grown-up offspring to get into the saddle. Ease up on the early morning jogging mate, you mate need to hang on until the nippers you had with Wendy Deng can try their luck.

While we’re on the subject of nippers, oi, Samantha Cameron, have a word with the image makers at Central Office and tell them to stop with the old “rope around the waist to highlight my tiny bump” routine. We all know your pregnant, and we’re delighted, but really, tell the aides it’s not clever.

Back to crumbling empires. What silly Murdoch junior has also highlighted is the fact that media owners really do think they elect governments in advance. It’s one thing to give an opinion on a party’s policies, but it’s quite another to start a smear campaign on the underdog just because he’s upsetting the predetermined order of things. This is just what News Corp did to Clegg once he started to threaten James Murdoch’s early flirtation with serious power and influence at election time. It’s no secret that Rupe is not exactly smitten with Cameron, so the pretender to the throne (or should that be “thrown” as in toys?) is trying every trick in the book.

It’s also hilarious, in the middle of a tirade that included a fair bit of swearing, that he accused The Indy of impugning his family’s name. Really James? Some would say your dad did a pretty good job of that years ago.

However, now he’s been rumbled and the Billy Bragg lyrics mentioned in an earlier post are more relevant than ever, it’s time to have a say. YOUR say. Not the newspapers. Not the say of a craggy, cranky billionaire who sold his Australian citizenship to buy a US television station. Not the say of his “I’m gonna hold my breath until I get the prime minister I want” son…..

YOUR say….


  1. Murdoch’s lackies probably have another Billy Bragg lyric on their minds come election time:

    One leap forward, two leaps back
    Will politics get me the sack?

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