Have we got our own Florida fiasco on our hands? Someone help the dopey students too…

In Current affairs, Politics on May 6, 2010 at 11:33 pm

After worries about a poor turnout it looks like we could have the ridiculous situation where people have been turned away from polling stations. Where are we? Florida? Who organises these things?

There are reports of sit-ins at some stations. A good sign. It also highlights the stupidity of a system where polling stations are open on a weekday. Britons work the longest hours in Europe. Their windows of opportunity are limited given work and family commitments. Reports are suggesting that some were at the polls at 8 pm and still didn’t get in.

In Sheffield we hear that a load of students turned up without their polling cards and this caused chaos.

Ok, a few points here. First, students. You are meant to be vaguely intelligent, so work it out. Second, government, students are dopey – educate them. They also live away from the house in which they’re registered to vote, so may not even be aware they need a polling card. A TV campaign to explain this to them might help. You spend all that time promoting the directgov website at the very time when all students are watching TV with the munchies and you fail to inform first-time voters how to do it!

Time for a change – Saturday voting is the answer. No excuses then. For anybody.

  1. Weekend voting is the way to go.

    And how about changing the voting system while you’re at it.

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