Good turnout, but did Britain bottle it at the ballot box? UPDATED

In Current affairs, Politics on May 7, 2010 at 10:27 am


So, looks like a lot of us got off our hind legs and  did their bit. A lot were also shamefully denied their democratic right through incompetence.

However, what happened to the yellow tide we expected? Where was the Clegg effect? Did we go to the ballot box and lose our bottle. Certainly looks that way. Our guess is a lot of people have confused “won’t get into power” with “won’t have a serious influence on power” and thrown away a chance for some real change.

Nick Clegg should take some of the blame. We did warn that he was playing a dangerous game by trying to use his new popularity to unseat Gordon Brown. Nice to see this view echoed by no less than The Times’ own Greg Hurst who knows the LibDems better than most.

We now face the prospect of a ConLib pact – that’s like having a lot of vegetables on your plate. Yuck. Clegg, to give him credit, has stuck to his claim that he will do business with the party that wins the most seats. That means the Tories. Pass the sprouts.


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