Let the squabbling begin

In Current affairs, Politics on May 11, 2010 at 7:45 pm

Gotta hand it to Gordon Brown, he keeps the surprises coming. Having finally conceded that he was outstaying his welcome at 10 Downing Street he came out for the second time in just over 24 hours to say the towel was in the ring.

Now we have a coalition of the chinless and the third placers – strange bedfellows indeed. With no more Labour flirting to de done, Nick Clegg and his team may find David Cameron drives a hard bargain indeed as his leverage is now gone. They’ve come up with the spectacularly brilliant notion that economic stability should be at the core of any policymaking. Well done chaps!

Electoral reform will be on the agenda, but don’t expect a referendum on the alternative system just yet. Quite right too, there are bankers to be shot first. Well, there should be, but we can hardly see posh boy Cameron taking a pop at his old mates in the City any time soon.

Interesting times ahead – there will be a lovey-dovey honeymoon, no doubt. The markets will wet themselves with delight at the formation of a government. We’ll see just how many Cabinet posts the LibDems get. Not many I suspect, but we’re hoping for some sort of role for Vince Cable at the Treasury.

Then we all need to strap ourselves in for a rough ride. Tax RISES, spending CUTS – and DEEP ones at that.

After that, how long before the first sand-pit fight between the two sides????


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