Have we just been ConDemmed?

In Current affairs, Politics on May 12, 2010 at 6:02 am

George Osborne as Chancellor, gee that’ll soothe financial markets. In the meantime we wait to see what role Vince Cable gets in all of this. Most likely he’ll have to do the dirty work of implementing those deep and nasty spending cuts we’re all so looking forward to.

Dave Cameron wasted no time is assuming the mantle of head boy and picking Nick Clegg as his deputy. If the early signs are true, there may be more LibDems in government than on the backbenches. Little chance of a rebellion there.

And that will be the true test – the first argument of the new relationship, the recriminations. Doors will slam, people will sulk, or as Sam (not his real name) said on a previous post:

“It will start out fine, but then the romance will disappear. They’ll start arguing over money, who gets to sit where in cabinet…stuff like that. Then Cam will catch Cleggy making goo-goo eyes across the chamber with Miliband. Accusations. Tears. Attempts at reconciliation and then…another election.”

  1. I agree that soon enough the cracks will begin to show but unfortunately they are planning on locking themselves into a five year fixed term of office. I am totally apalled by the way Nick Clegg is simpering around David Cameron. I’ve previously compared them to Ant and Dec but perhaps they are more akin to Kieth Harris and Orville the big green duck =P

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