The honeymoon begins…

In Current affairs, Politics on May 12, 2010 at 11:12 pm

Now, where do I stick the knife in.....

They grinned, they joked, they made the hacks laugh. Yes folks, it’s the Dave and Nick show, running for one term only. Five years if they’re both lucky.

Can this gooey, sticky routine last? We hear you ask. Probably not, and maybe that’s what some, who may, or may not be called David Miliband, are hoping for. The Labour leadership election almost looks like an irrelevant side show now that the doves are cooing over Downing Street, but they’ll be watching this civil marriage like hawks. The first sound of any ruffling of feathers in the coop and they’ll be in there with soothing words.

“Nooooooo, he doesn’t understand you. Nasty man with his nuclear power stations and that brute Hague bullying all those nice Europeans. There there Nick, just tell us all about it…coalition er, I mean cup of tea?”

Still, for now there are enough sane LibDems floating around the place to keep the nastier elements of the Tories in check, and we like seeing David Laws alongside George Osborne to make sure he knows what the calculator is for.

Tell us how long you think it will last. We’ll run a sweep. Here’s a guide for you:

William Hill are offering odds of 13/8 that on or before May 11th, 2011 the current agreement between the Conservatives and the Lib Dems will be officially ended by either Party.  Hills also offer 4/9 that the agreement will still be in place on May 12, 2011.

  1. Election in second half of next year. Tories to get a majority. LibDems smashed. Labour to make some small gains.

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