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Lord Young joins the rest of us having it so good…..

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Tell the one about the "so-called recession again"...

WE’VE NEVER had it so good – official. And now so does Lord Young. Come on in and join the party your lordship, there’s always room for a bow tie-wearing buffoon at this party!

The real Tory party once again reared its unattractive head, although like a true toff, Dave Cameron picked up his rifle and shot it off – for now. Pity Lord Young, he says what he and a lot of his mates think and gets pilloried for it. In a way he’s right, if interest rates were in double-digit territory we’d all be stuffed.

But when one in ten public sector workers is going to lose their job – and who knows how many in the private sector – fuel prices rising and inflation on the up, you can tell that the old fella is losing the plot. Perhaps the only recession that is taking place is the one inside his cranium.

What is more worrying is that the fact that Young and many of his cronies think “Boy” George Osborne and Dave Cameron didn’t go far enough with their cuts….

imagine how good we’d be having it if the loons of the Conservative right started getting their way.


Oh Britain, you’re all fags for the public school boys now

In Current affairs, Politics on October 21, 2010 at 11:18 pm

IN FRANCE they march on the streets, they cut fuel supplies to the airport, they stop trains from running. Why? Because they object to a vertically-challenged president telling them they will have to work until they are 62 instead of 60.

In Britain, the government tells the people that they are going to have to share the pain of £81 billion in public spending cuts after the excesses of the banks. And how do the Brits react? Do they take to the streets? Non. Do they mobilise and withdraw their labour in protest? Again, non.

Instead, a Yorkshire mother of three earnestly tells a television reporter that we are going to have to take the pain “until we can get the country back on track”. The Anglo-saxon willingness to self-flagellate is stupefying at times.

Just what exactly does this woman think she has done to deserve years of pain? Did she parcel up crappy mortgages and sell them on like fish past its use-by date? Er, no, she did not. I do believe the fault for that lies elsewhere. Why is the country on some sort of massive guilt trip?

This must be the ultimate political wet dream for the public school boys now running the country. The whole country has been very naughty and now must take its punishment. Bend over Britain – you’re all fags now.

Posh Dave and georgeous George Osborne will be rubbing their grubby little hands together with glee at the big chance now to dismantle the welfare state, and don’t think they’ll stop there, the NHS is well and truly in their sights. They’ve let their mates in the City off the hook with the biggest wimp out of a bank levy. Even the Financial Times says it’s “timid”.

Let’s recap. The banks squealed for years the minute anyone suggested tighter regulation. Then they went on a financial instruments selling rampage and, er, cocked it up. Then they did what comes naturally – they asked (well squealed) for more money. From us. And they got it. The economy went into freefall and who is paying for it? You and me.

Enter George Osborne, stage left, pledging to extract the “maximum” tax from the banks to help repay the deficit they helped to run up.

A whopping £2.5 billion, or 0.04 percent of the value of their assets.

George, you brute.

How are the banks reacting to this? Well once the slithering bunch have finished laughing and then sobered up after celebrating the fact that they’ve screwed the country again, they will no doubt congratulate themselves at hard they twisted the collective nether regions of the Tories and their Vichy coalition collaborators (for there is no other way to describe Clegg and his sellouts) to get the result they wanted. Their highly-paid lobbyists, not least the disgusting British Bankers’ Association, have done their work well. Pity they can’t work for a good cause, like humanity.

Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson has rightly challenged Osborne’s fatuous assertion that the deficit did not have to be run up. Osborne has failed to explain what the alternative was. He has also lied to the electorate about Britain’s interest payments, claiming that £120 million is building schools and hospitals in foreign countries who hold UK debt. This is arrant nonsense. There is some cash flowing out of the country, but nowhere near the amount Osborne alleges. Still, he remains unchallenged because Britain seems obsessed with birching itself.

Of course Johnson has conveniently left out some inconvenient truths. Not least the role the Labour government played in the creation of a massive debt bubble and the failure to institute a savings culture. All so they could lay claim to an extended period of low interest rates.

Ok, this is the bit where you get to beat yourself  up. Borrowed against the house, didn’t you? Thought it was an investment instead of a place to come home to after a day working for the weirdo who tells you your work isn’t very good and you’re not hitting your “performance targets”, didn’t you? Thought you’d invest in a second property because property never goes down and your mate made 50 grand doing up a garden shed and selling it on after only three months, didn’t you? Maxed out on all the credit cards, didn’t you?

As Gordon Gekko says in the second Wall Street film to a group of students “You’re fucked.  You are the Ninja Generation. No income. No job. No assets.”

So take a bow Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and co…it’s your fault too.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs rubs everyone’s nose in it by setting aside £236,000 per employee in “compensation” for the first nine months of the year. That’s a pay and bonus pot of £8.3 billion.

Stop birching and start marching, Britain. Allez!

Gorgeous George wants a chat does he?

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So, the last lot flushed 700 billion quid around the S bend and now Boy George Osborne wants to have a debate with us about where public spending should be cut to pay it off.


This is a well known tactic in the corporate world, a lot of my old work colleagues will recognise it. It’s diktat masquerading as consultation.

“Oh, but we discussed it with everyone,” you hear them bleat from the HR department (Known as Human Remains in some parts).

Subtext: “Then we ignored what they said and did what we always planned to do – shaft ’em.”

So when you write to Number 11 Downing Street and say: “Um, could we cut back on the money we pour into the pockets of arms manufacturers because they’ve been ripping us off for years with projects that always overrun and the military are morons when it comes to proper business decisions?” Or: “Can we string up the bankers by the short and curlies and make them devote their miserable life’s work to paying off the debt THEY created?” you’ll probably get a form letter/email like this:

“Dear concerned citizen,

thanks ever so much for your contribution to my big debate. We’ve received a spiffingly large amount of top ideas from you common folk. Unfortunately not all of them could make the final round, so, after an awfully long period of consideration, I’ve decided to do what Dave Cameron tells me to.

Sack all those lefty civil servants, and cut benefits for scroungers, I mean, find ways to get everyone back into jobs that don’t exist.

Yours in Chancellorship,


So, have your say by all means, I think it could fun. Perhaps we could come up with some ideas and publish them here. I do like the idea of stringing bankers up by the nethers. Perhaps we could ask the Camerons, Cleggs and Osbornes to pass the hat round at family Christmas time – they’ve got a bit of wedge between them. And now Nick has sold his principles he must have a few shekels stashed away.

Should we shed two tears from the same eye at Gordon’s exit?

In Current affairs, Politics on May 11, 2010 at 11:22 pm

What is it about human nature that we can spend months, nay, years slagging off a person for being boring, dour, pig-headed, stubborn, the wrong man for the job and a whole lot worse ad nauseum, yet the second he summons up the dignity to bare his soul in public and do the right thing we are moved to tears?

This evening we experienced such a moment when Gordon Brown emerged from the door of Downing Street and gave the speech we all thought he was incapable of giving. The one that showed he was a living, breathing member of the human race.

Infuriating, isn’t it?

Clearly beyond the ambition and the lust for power exists a man who feels as keenly as the rest of us. But why, oh why, did he save the best until last. Did he get so immersed in the New Labour cesspool of spin and deceit that he forgot who he was? Or are we all just suffering from that usual bout of sympathy we express when someone who is so clearly beaten finally exits the public stage?

We are told that in at least one newsroom people were moved to tears with the dignity of the occasion. The magnificent Sarah Brown, who showed more class in three short years than Cherie Blair could muster in a decade, stood by her man, while, for the first time, the public caught a rare glimpse of the Brown’s two boys. Credit should be given for the way they kept them off the pages of the newspapers.

Perhaps the answer lies in an observation from Mrs fullandfrankexchange, herself rarely wrong on these matters:

“It’s the human spirit that is moving, not Gordon Brown.”

Fair point well made, as they say. Before we get too misty-eyed, let’s not forget his failings, and the impact they have had on a nation. Put away the tissues, you won’t need the for this bit.

While we watched the machinations this week of the power-hungry clawing for their “share” of the spoils after we’d all had our say, a small, but massive, change took place in the running of London’s dilapidated underground rail network. The maintenance contract was moved back in-house.

This signalled the end of the disastrous public/private partnership to upgrade all the lines, which had seen one consortium collapse and saddle the taxpayer with a £2 billion bill and the other make such exorbitant demands that the whole show had to be stopped.

Architect and defender of this mess? Step forward and collect your award Gordon Brown.

Yep, in order to keep what was actually quite necessary public maintenance off the books, old Gordon and his cronies in the Treasury (note, future leadership contender Ed “I’m cleverer than everyone else” Balls has his fingerprints all over it too) insisted on handing the work to a big pack of incompetent clowns who sought nothing more than massive profit for maximum disruption.

Haven’t got a final salary pension? Blame Gordon again. His insistence on removing the tax credit on share dividends crippled pension fund investors, just so he could inflate his revenues. Coupled with his orders that an accounting reporting rule on pension liabilities should be strictly enforced meant that companies who had been living free and easy with their pension surpluses now had large liabilities.

Who wins there? Well it ain’t the poor old employee looking forward to a decent retirement income, we can tell ya. Not when there are shareholders to be kept sweet.

Driving around Afghanistan without body armour in a thin-skinned vehicle that could be blown to bits while your family live in squalid accommodation back in Blighty? Send your complaints to G Brown (constituency office please).

Got a sore toe because someone had a huge temper tantrum and pushed a printer off the end of a desk? Er, sorry Gordo, you again, we’re afraid.

Paying too much for your petrol, travel, booze and fags? Blame all chancellors past and present because the next one isn’t going to cut you a break.

The tax system is too complicated because Brown made it so, he’s doubled counted revenues, stolen ideas that weren’t his, annoyed his EU counterparts more times than you can shake a stick at, moved the economic cycle after he broke his own “golden rules” and installed himself at Downing Street without our approval.

Still crying? You bloody will be when the next lot of jokers move in….

Something’s gotta change, they’ll never get in…er, they’re all the ****ing same..

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Never let it be said that we don’t keep our ear to the ground here at fullandfrankexchange. This afternoon we were in a builders’ merchant in Sarf London (slight pressure from Mrs fullandfrankexchange to get that shower fixed) and we overheard the following conversation.

“Oi Vince, have you voted and who did you vote for?”

Amid the woodscrews, our ears prick up, completely oblivious to the fact that we’re looking for PLUMBING accessories (moron). This could be gold dust – the internal poll the other parties haven’t got.

Vince, for it is he: “I’m voting later tonight. I don’t know who I’m gonna vote for yet. I’m going to make up my mind when I get there.”

Ahhh, a serious undecided I detect.

Vince continues: “My old man is voting Lib Dem. You know I think I might vote LibDem as well.”

Man behind counter: “I think everyone is voting for them aren’t they? Problem is, they’ll never get in.”

We are now in paints, gloss enamels to be exact and we edge closer to the debate. (No No! I hear a cry from North London, PLUMBING you idiot!!!!  When am I getting my shower back?????)

Third man from office joins in: “Yeah, they won’t get in, but something’s gotta change hasn’t it. We can’t go on like this.”

Second man: “So who get’s your vote Vince?”

Vince: “Anyone who turns up at the door with a biscuit.”

Brilliant – all they needed to secure a vote down here was a packet of bloody digestives. We edge past hand tools. (Dulcet tones in my head hear: “You’ll get a hammer in the feckin’ skull if you don’t move your tijuana brass to the plumbing section sharpish sunshine.”)

Man in office continues: “The thing is, at the end of the day, they’re all the f***ing same. They’ll say anything to get your vote. They’ll cut taxes, they’ll do this and that, but you just end up with the same old crap.”

Vince: “Yeah you’re right. Sometime’s I wonder what’s the point.”

As we move into the pleasant May sunshine, we ponder what this could mean. The polls are about to shut. Has Vince had the vote-securing offer of a biscuit? Will he follow his dad? Did he even bother after a day at work? What will men one and two do? This is what has made this campaign a refreshing change.

Plus, Mrs fullandfrankexchange is going to be really inpressed with this carpentry set I bought…..

Time to go and have OUR say…plus an in-depth guide to the manifestos UPDATE

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Polls have been open for four hours. Had a nice cup of tea, bowl of muesli, quick wash and strolled down to the polling station with mrs fullandfrankexchange to have our say. Still a nice steady stream of punters  making their way in.

Mrs fullandfrankexchange says she spotted some Tories in our neck of the woods (Hornsey and Wood Green, held by LibDem Lynne Featherstone)  yesterday – rosettes and all. Honest. Odds on a yeti sighting anyone? We think they must have got lost en route to la la land because they’ve got buckley’s of taking this seat. Still, it was nice of them to visit and they certainly weren’t tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail, which shows we do live in a tolerant society.

So, what are you going to do today hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? It’s a nice day, get off the laptop, get off Facebook, finish reading this (obviously) then go and do it!!!

We don’t care who you vote for, unless it’s the BNP who are, let’s face it racist nutters who would bankrupt the country in a week handing out free lager to all their mates. However, if they’re not your thing, then get out there and have a say.

If the duck house, moat cleaning crew got on your nerves, go and say so. If the disgraceful sight of Labour politicians acting like prostitutes to get a bit of post-election work sickened you, go and say so. If you’ve had enough of the old two party system that essentially presents us with the same boring choices, go and say so. You have NO right to whine about the government if you don’t cast a vote, so go and do it.

One of our readers (Sam, not his real name) evaluated the three manifestos. Here is his handy guide:

Labour = We stuffed up, but the other mob are real bastards.

Tories = The other mob stuffed up. We’re not bastards. Really.

LibDems = They’re both bastards. You can vote for us. Really, you can.

Oh, and to those at The Sun who produced that front page – you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves….

Cameron quakes as Tony returns to tear up the Tories

In Politics on March 30, 2010 at 3:48 pm

Well it had to happen sooner or later. The ghost of (recent) Labour past finally found some spare time away from having his photo taken with his fans for a couple of hundred quid a throw and spoke to the great unwashed of the perils of voting for Dastardly Dave Cameron and his posh pals come election day.

Yep, the old vicar of St Albion himself, Tony Blair, entered the fray and spoke to his former constituents in the North East seat of Sedgefield. The venue was the Trimdon Labour club, where he loves to give a speech or two – but his guns were trained further south on Dastardly Dave and his simpering sidekick “Boy” George Osborne.

It was classic Blair – and an almost sad reminder of how great his political skills are. Tarnished eternally by his foreign follies, but still capable of striking fear into the hearts of the opponents he left behind, the former prime minister tore up the Tories.

You almost wish he’d be given free rein to do what Al Gore didn’t wouldn’t let Bill Clinton do to his (and the world’s) cost in 2000 and actively hit the campaign trail.

Maybe the speech itself contained the answer to that query. We had to wait until word 413 of a 2,766 oration before we heard him say “Gordon”. Up until then, and a fair bit beyond it was all about the benefits Tony brought the country. In fact, Gordon gets a mention a mere FOUR times.

The sign-off reminds us of why we lapped up the 10-year tiff that was life in Downing Street with the Blair/Brown show.

“This country faces big challenges in the future.  I want this party to be the one able to meet those challenges.
This country needs strong leadership. I want our leadership to be the one that gives it,” he told the adoring faithful (although we only have the local media’s word for that – everyone else was barred).

Note he says Britain needs “our leadership”. It doesn’t say Britain needs the leadership of “that brooding, bullying, bruising, belligerent, bad-tempered bastard I had to live next door to.  I wouldn’t wish that on the Taliban”. He’s effectively laying down a marker for any challenger to get off his hind legs when the time comes.

It’s also hard to gauge quite how Gordon himself is viewing this “helpful” intervention by Blair (no doubt the brainchild of Peter Mandelson). He could well be saying (in tones of a disgruntled child) “Ohhhhh do I have to? I thought I was prime minister Ok, let’s get it out the way early.” A bit like eating all the nasty vegetables on your plate before the fish fingers.

Or he could well think it’s time to give Cameron a good swift kick in the groin now while he and his party wobble on economic policy, especially as “Boy” George looks to be in big trouble on the credibility front.

It’s no secret that Cameron modelled himself on the great Blair. In fact he told a dinner hosted by The Daily Telegraph a few years back during a Conservative Party conference: “I am the new Tony Blair.” He was politely informed by his hosts that uttering such things in public might not the brightest idea.

Cameron is lite, trite and shite. Not the sort of thing Britain needs inside number 10. Gordon is, well, let’s just say he’s not lite or trite, and leave the matter there, ok?

But spare a thought for poor old Nick Clegg. He didn’t even rate a mention in the speech –  and Tony hates LibDems. It might be time for young Nick to step up to the plate and start playing like a grown up. It’s all very well making gooey eyes at the other two saying: “Come get me boys.”, but that’s gonna wear thin after a while. Time to put on your long pants Nicky boy, you’re playing with the big boys now and whatever happens they’ll kick your bum all around the playground if you don’t stand up to them now, “kingmaker” or not.

It’s the least the voters deserve.